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Wednesday, May 09, 2012 |15:53 |Age: 2 yrs

School Tournament Navarra 2012

By: Pablo Carpio (ESP)

During Easter holidays, the Navarra Baseball and Softball Federation organized the Sixth edition of the Baseball Schools Tournament, in which more than 500 boys and girls enjoy playing baseball in a fantastic baseball event.
39 teams, and 30 coaches and 500 kids divided in 2 categories played during 4 days in the Burlada Baseball facilities, increasing these numbers from past editions, showing to all Sport community in our region that this Tournament has already become in the Spring Classic of sports in Navarra.
During Tournament, the players also took part in baseball games to show their skills, and received short technical explanations.
This School Tournament means the second part of a huge School Program in our Federation, with Javier Arilla leading a good coaching staff, who had worked in Ph. Ed. lessons at these schools during previous months.
Thanks to this School Program we can spread our sport in Navarra and develop baseball from the base. For next years, we will invite sponsors and more institutions to collaborate and keep on improving this great baseball event for our kids.
A great baseball friend, Miguel Pozueta, who is currently the Chairman of Sports in Navarra Government, led the prize ceremony, showing his satisfaction for this baseball initiative.
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