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Tuesday, May 29, 2012 |11:12 |Age: 2 yrs

Mizuno supports CEB tournaments again in 2012


Mizuno is a long-term IBAF partner and therefore they support the most important international competitions for many years.
In 2011 Mizuno also supported the Confederation of European Baseball with
300 dozens of Mizuno balls for the main European tournaments. We are very
glad that a further cooperation was confirmed last week - this year it
will be 200 dozens balls for the European Championships Senior and U21 such as the "Final Four" Champions Cup. These tournaments will be played with Mizuno
balls of the highest quality - 200.
Relating to this cooperation, the Czech Baseball Association has already made an agreement for European Championships Cadets and Juveniles. These competitions will be played with Mizuno 270 as the official tournament ball.
Mizuno will also send an offer to the organizers of other CEB competitions
and interested member federations. The Mizuno company is trying to put a foot down in the European market. During the meeting of Mr. Ditrich and Mr. Sawa it was clearly said that a future support of CEB is connected to conducting some business in Europe.