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Wednesday, April 04, 2012 |15:06 |Age: 2 yrs

Successfull Workshops at Congress


During the time of the CEB Congress in Rotterdam the Development Commission had prepared/arranged three Workshops in which interessted delegates could take part.
The first one was held by Sandra Monteiro (PORTUGAL) about "European Coaching Program" talking about EU employment and EU Educational legislations etc.
The second workshop was held by Michel Aussems (KNBSB) about "BeeBall". Last year Gijs Selderijk & Martijn Niehoff introduced BeeBall to the European delegates for the first time. This year Michel Aussems talked about where "BeeBall" came from. The idea behind it and why it is fun for the kids.
The topic of the third workshop was "Federation Development". Different people, such as Daniel Velte from Little League, Jason Holowaty from MLBI, Rainer Krankl from Austrian Baseball and John Boyd from BSUK talked about envoy coaches, helpful tools for coaches on
the internet and how to work with volunteers and how to apply for the tomorrow fund.
CEB wants to thank all speakers for their contribution to such successfull workshops!
The presentations shown during the workshops can be downloaded through the Congress Website