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Wednesday, April 04, 2012 |14:01 |Age: 2 yrs

Spanish Baseball King’s Cup

By: Luis Martínez (ESP)

Weekend of the best baseball in Barcelona
Next weekend, April 7 and 8, there will be celebrated in Catalonia the Baseball King’s Cup and three Catalan teams will be taking part, C.B.Barcelona, C.B.S.Sant Boi and C.B.Viladecans. The fourth team will be Tenerife Marlins. The format of the competition will be according to the classification obtained last season in the National League, in which the CB Barcelona (before FC Barcelona) ended as Champion and will dispute semi-final against the fourth classified, CB Viladecans, saturday 17:00h, in the Montujuic Municipal Field "Carlos Perez de Rosas”. Sant Boi and Marlins will playing another semi-final in Sant Boi's Municipal Field to 11.00h on the same Saturday. The loser of both matches they will play on Sunday the consolation game for the third and fourth place to 10.00h in Sant Boi. The final game one will play in Montjuic sunday to 11.00h.
The winner will assure a place to play European competition next year. For this reason the three Catalan teams have been preparing consciously to conscience this Cup. For the first duels it hopes that the pitchers are the added value of three equipments, though the canaries equally will go out with his better team. CB Barcelona, managed by Jorge Miqueleiz, start the championship as one of the favorites given that still do not know the defeat in League and the line up’s team level seems compensated in offense and defense. This one is a great chance to win the first King’s Cup to the club. They will base his game on a good defense and on the team best arms Hernandez and Balboa and on the offensive on Sancho, Cepin, Varela, Jiménez and Roman the “in shape” team batters.
The santboians, in turn, managed by Edgar Hernández, want to repeat the 2007’s success, when they are going to raise the Cup and for it the team will entrust the responsibility on the mound to his two starter pitchers Fente and Matías. In offense they will rely on the power of Martínez, that it might appear after being injured, besides Carrillo, Noriega and Llames. The Viladecans de Denny Niño was the team revelation of the past season, with an end intense and full of successes, where the classification for thisweekend turned out to be the great prize. Now they have the great opportunity of another great prize and they will leave it in the hands of the pitchers Campos, Luengo and Jodar and of the most active batters of this season Valdes, Catalan, Cano, Cuesta and Peguero. The most winner King’s Cup Club, 19th consecutive from 1982 until 2001, have in front of a great challenge undoubtedly.
During two days of intense matches in Montujuic's Field, the local Club and the Sports School Council of Barcelona they will realize activities of promotion to attract new players and will use the inflatable tunnel of the Catalan Federation to prove the batting sensation and practising pitching activities.