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Monday, March 16, 2009 |14:39 |Age: 5 yrs

Regensburg drums up business at the ITB in Berlin show for the Baseball World Cup

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“The popularity of Baseball is spread all over the world.” Martin Miller, Vice-president of the International Baseball Federation (IBAF) and president of the European Association. Miller emphasized the global significance of Baseball on the occasion of a media conference at the International Tourism trade fair in Berlin (ITB).
This is exactly what the IBAF wants to demonstrate during the World Cup 2009. The World Cup will be held in seven European countries from the 9th of September through the 27th. “Maybe we
are a bit insane, but that's actually the reason why the World Cup will take place in seven European countries. We want to show that there is a chance for Baseball in Europe, too”.
As the host for one of the World Cup preliminary groups, Regensburg finds itself in the focus of the world of sports. “We want to be a good host for our guests", Regensburg's mayor,
Joachim Wolbergs said. The Mayor is excited to have a world championship taking place in Regensburg for the first time. “The US National Team playing here, of course is a special highlight. This
has a high touristic value for us.”
Afterwards, the mayor had to give proof of his own sportiness in a virtual baseball game. His opponent was Cedric Bassel, one of the three German national players that drummed up strong business
for the Baseball Championships. “Of course we aim at a boom, similar to the World Championships of Handball in Germany”, said Bassel. 12,000 tickets have been sold, only a few weeks after the
advance sale had started. It seems that the dream has already turned into a reality.