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Wednesday, July 22, 2009 |17:07 |Age: 5 yrs

Kepler-Rozycki signs with Minnesota Twins

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Hardly any other German baseball player has ever caused such publicity.
Since the signing of the contract with the MLB organization Minnesota Twins, the 16-years-old Max Kepler Rozycki is a main topic in country wide media. The young Baseball Player, who started his baseball career in Berlin and is a member of the Regensburg Baseball Academy right now, received 800.000 US Dollar for signing the contract - record for a European player!
In the context of a press conference with Regensburg’s mayor Joachim Wolbergs and World Cup supervisor Armin Carpenter on 20 July the junior national player was available for interviews. Afterwards he left for the last training camp of the German Junior National Team before the European Championship in Bonn in August.