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Tuesday, October 18, 2011 |10:52 |Age: 3 yrs

Vienna Metrostars win Austrian Championship

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Last Saturday, the Vienna Metrostars have won their 12th title in their Club history. After beating the two seed Vienna Wanderers in the semi-finals (3:1), they upset the top seeded Attnang Athletics (3:1), who won the title in 2010. In both Series, they could win their first two games to put a lot of pressure on their opponents right away. At home, the Athletics could win Game 3 in a nail biter, but in Game 4 the Metrostars‘ offense was cruising again to lead their team to the 2011-titel.
For some, it was only a matter of time that the young Viennese team starts to shine. Long-time Head coach Tim Patrick and this years’ import-player formed a fierce team out of the big pool of talented players. Finishing their regular-season, the Metrostars had to compete against their local revival, the Vienna Wanderers, in the semi-finals.
While their biggest strength through the year was their offense, in the postseason, their pitching-staff saved the Metrostars a lot of Runs and kept them in the game. A shutout by JT Hilliard in Game 4 gave them their 3rd win in the best-of-5 series and leads their way to finals.
The Attnang-Puchheim Athletics, who won the Austrian Championship in 2010, just had set a new record for the best win-loss-percentage in the History of the Austrian Baseball League. Defeating the Schwaz Tigers without bigger problems, the A’s went into the Final with big hopes. A throwback in Vienna, where they lost their first two games, they had to win three games at home. The Athletics could bear up against the pressure and took away Game 3.
Josh Castanza, the import-player for the Upper-Austrians should had saved the A’s dreams of a title defence, but after an injury the weekend before, he couldn’t perform the way he used to and gave the Metrostars’ batters the opportunity to score enough runs to win Game 4 and their 12th title in the Club’s history.
Metrostars win Austrian Championship – Photo: Joe Yun/ABF