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Tuesday, January 04, 2011 |11:32 |Age: 3 yrs

Announcement to Players with Cypriot Nationality

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This is a brief announcement to players of the game of baseball, which are of Cypriot Nationality or decent and are interested in playing for and representing the island of Cyprus, in international events.
The national team of Cyprus is currently undergoing a building process, in which players with some experience of the game are wanted to possibly represent the country in the nearby future. We are looking for players which are able to provide the team with enough game play experience at any position they play on the field, great sportsmanship as well as commitment to the team. Our aim and hopes for the next year is to build a team which would be suitable enough to participate in international baseball events in the upcoming future, such as the European Championships which takes place every two years.
If you are a player of Cypriot Nationality, and are interested in representing and playing for the National Baseball Team of Cyprus, then please send an email to us ( with the following details:
- Full Name
- Date Of Birth
- Country Of Residence
- Can you speak fluent Greek? (No problem if not)
- Do you play for a Club Team? If yes, please state the club name as well as how long you have been playing for them and provide us with a team website if possible.
- What Position do you play?
Apart from the previous details, you will also need to state in the email whether you have a Cypriot passport/ Cypriot I.D/ documents etc to check whether you are eligible to play for the Cypriot National Team. Obviously we will need to assess and evaluate you as a player before any decision can be made, so if it is possible, please provide a video which shows us some of your game play, preferably during a team game. If there is anything else you may wish to mention related to your baseball history, please don’t hesitate in doing so, the more we know about you, the better!
Thank you – Andreas Patsalides