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Thursday, December 03, 2009 |10:05 |Age: 4 yrs

Moldova Championship 2009

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KVINT (Tiraspol) – is the winner of Moldova Championship 2009.
Andrei Marleanu - President of the club "Pirates":
The National Championship of Moldova 2009 went well; there were interesting games, the unexpected defeat, and the unexpected victory. If in the past year, worthy opponents for all-time winner - Tiraspol KVINT was not, then this year to the end of the season was the intrigue, three teams had chances to take first place.
Once again the KVINT proved that they are stronger. I think next season opposition teams will be even stronger. It remains to wish all the success and high achievement.
Andrei Butnari - Vice President of the Federation of baseball Moldova, manager of Moldova National team:
Another Championship Moldova in 2009 is completed. I believe that the level of many teams caught up. I do not want to say that the level of teams has declined, most likely all come out at that stage, where most part of teams have already played the same way.
Standing at attention much only one team-Tiraspol young guys from the team "KVINT-SDUSHOR No:4".
Equally, many teams play is under the same conditions in which we all playing. Unfortunately, I fear the level of our championship and will have at this level. We had good coaches, good players, good –regular games championships, we had another problems wchi not let us to perform the game.
There are two reasons I see:
First factor: we don’t have baseball field meets standards (all fields on which the conducting Championships of Moldova can not be used to improve the game quality - just a rough field. Weight baseball around 145 grams and the total circumference of 23 cm, every hillock, mound, stone change instantly trajectory - but if we consider that the average speed of balls rescued by approximately 160 km / h on average flight distances of about 25 meters getting that catch the ball in the beaten zone of protection is virtually impossible to properly account for technology-block whole body to the ball not slipped. In most cases, this is 100% a bruise on his body or hands. Players have a syndrome of fear of catching, as the speed and the number rescued by goals from year to year is getting better in National Championship (it's probably the only indicator that nice happy in the development of gaming properties in the national championship). But the fact is a fact, we urgently need at least one normal stadium.
Second important factor we don’t have any financial support to travel to international tournaments of our clubs, including National teams. There is no support from the state; there is no support from sponsors. We cannot objectively say, we are strong in this sport at European level, or not. Nevertheless-performance this year of Tiraspol boys at the European Little League Championship in Germany ( Junior League) and second place at this tournament gives reason to think that we are very strong, but not objectively, we must also act in other age groups and especially the main national team. But, it is fact: no funding for travel, no speeches, and in the investigation and results, reasons for analysis.
Nonetheless Championship Moldova baseball in 2009 I marked very well. The level of teams is growing, so each year it will be more and more interesting.
Final standing of Moldova baseball Championship 2009.