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Thursday, March 13, 2008 |10:51 |Age: 6 yrs


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By: CvdM

From March 4 - 9 There was a lot of baseball going on in Abrantes . The
Dutch teams Robur '58, Apeldoorn and Jeka, Breda held their training camp in
that cosy little Portuguese town. The local authorities took care of the
Dutch invasion and everything was well organised. Both teams practiced on
the baseballfield and astroturf soccer field during the day. At the end
games were played. Jeka beat the first class champion of last year with 6-5,
but lost the other two: 2-1 and 8-0. Also a combinationteam played the
National Team of Portugal: 5-4. Jeka was with a delegation of 27 people
included a lot of young junior players. Robur brought the experienced
selection and counted 19 people total. Both clubs helped out by sending
coaches to the schools. The succes was overwhelming. The first school showed
up with 160 kids, so an extra load of coaches/players needed to come. Total
more over 400 kids practice with the foreigners of Holland in these
It was a week to remember.