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Thursday, March 13, 2008 |12:22 |Age: 6 yrs


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By: CvdM

Next to the baseballcomplex where the teams from Robur and Jeka worked out
was the congressroom at the soccer stadium. Here in the cosy and friendly
town of Abrantes worked sixtien participants also hard on all the
information that the clinicians of the fifth Promoter Tour spitted out. Guus
Van Dee (NETH) and Charles van der Meijs (CEB) were responsable for this
first clinic in 2008. Thanks to the Portuguese Federation for a perfect
organization. Workmaps and a special Federation Certificate were handed over
by President Sandra Monteira. Both clinicians and Gerard Vaandrager got a
'special thanks' diploma. Spain was accompagnied by two club board
members.The CEB certificates went to: Antonio Marquez Nadais, Fernando José
Fonseca D.D. Lucas, Frederico José Fonseca da Cruz, Mar Rico Sanchez (ESP),
Joao Miguel Oliveira Domingues, Jorge Imanuel Vaz Fontes, José Manuel
Valente Dias, Manuel Cardoso da Costa Oliveira, Marco Paulo Parente Lopes,
Laetitia Rodrigues, Raquel Maria Correia Lopes, Renato Alexandre Dias Campos
da Silva, Rui Pedro Alves da Costa, Wanda Rijkhof (ESP), Tiago da Costa
Goncalo, Vitor Manuel Aires Lobo.

Federation President Sandra Monteiro and the clinicians Guus Van Dee and Charles van der Meijs