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Monday, April 04, 2011 |10:46 |Age: 3 yrs

Umpire Clinic Żory, Poland

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An umpire clinic was held in Zory (Poland) from 26-27 March. 22 umpires were instructed by Winfried Berkvens (NED).
The subjects that have been discussed were:
• General introduction
• Umpire behavior (including preparation for a game, how to act professionally during a game, how to interact with coaches and players, handling the game)
• Appeal plays (which type of appeal plays do exist, and how should an appeal be executed, batting out of order was a particular part that has been discussed as well)
• Balks (what are the various types of balks that exist, and how do they look like)
• How to write an ejection report (what should be in an ejection report, how do you react to situations in a game)
• 2-man umpire system (slides from the CEB-site)
• Speed-up rules in International baseball including the explanation of the tiebreaker rule