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Monday, December 14, 2009 |20:19 |Age: 4 yrs

Atlanta Braves and Spanish federation are done with their academy for 2009

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Closing Ceremony of the 2009 Academy for Prospects held by the Atlanta Braves and the Spanish federation confirms that there is more to come in 2010
Atlanta Braves officials, regional and local government agree on the subject

Both the mayor of Puerto de la Cruz, Marcos Brito, and the counselor for education, universities, culture and sports of the Canary government, Milagros Luis Brito, have expressed their support for the baseball academy in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, and Johnny Almaraz, Director of International Scouting and Operations of the Atlanta Braves, has affirmed that his organization is decided to continue with the project that has already led to two signings in the first two stages of the season.
Third stage incorporates players from Italy and Russia
In this last stage for 2009 the academy has been opened up for nationals from different countries with the idea to step up the level of competition. Six Italian and one Russian player formed part of the roster complementing the twenty Spanish prospects and it seems very probable that next season there will be players from other countries, too.
Success for everyone involved
While two players have already signed their contract with the Braves earlier this year, Johnny Almaraz said that his scouts were ready to talk contract with another two players right now. Everyone else has had the chance to work with different coaches on their skills and tools, compare themselves to other prospects and find what they might need to work on to get an offer on the next occasion. Even those who might eventually not sign still have enjoyed the training to become better players. While watching them work, it was easy to see that they were having a good time with the quality coaches at hand.
2010 is just around the corner
Whatever formula Nestor Perez, the Spanish federation and the Atlanta Braves are going to find for the 2010 academy, we can expect that it will exceed what has been achieved in this first season. For sure everyone involved is already working hard to make it happen.