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Wednesday, March 07, 2012 |11:50 |Age: 2 yrs

Spanish Baseball League

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By: Luis Martínez (ESP)

The Honour Division National League’s second journey begun with the matches between Halcones de Vigo and CB Barcelona (Bembivre, 03/03/2012). Both matches won by the Catalonian team by KO, 3-19 y 3-15 respectively. The first match was won (KO, 6in) by the starter pitcher José L. Hernandez (2-0, 5IP, 8K’s) relying on the great offensive held by the whole team, highlighting Pau Sancho 2B (4Ab, 4run, 3hit, 2rbi) and Óscar Román 3B (5Ab, 2run, 2hit, 3rbi – 2B(2)). In the Galician team, the losing pitcher was José R. Marte (0-1, 3IP, 3K’s). The second game (KO, 7in) was started by Jorge Balboa (4IP, 7K’s) and won by Jonathan García (1-0, 3IP, 5K’s). The whole line-up contributed in the offensive, providing continuity to the starring moment held by de Pau Sancho 2B (5Ab, 1run, 4hit, 3rbi – 2B). The game was lost by José D. Cabral (0-2, 1IP).
In Sant Boi (Sant Boi de Llobregat, 03 and 04/03/2012) divided the locals and Pamplona. 5-6 winning the guests on Saturday, and being started by Alexis R. Fumero (2-0, 10IP, 12K’s) the winner of the game. A. Barbería RF (2Ab, 1run, 1hit, 1rbi) who had scored a run in the 6th inning after take action as pinch runner, and prompted the winning run in the 10th inning. The losing pitcher was Roberto Noriega (0-1, 4.2IP, 2K´s). On Sunday the triumph went to Sant Boi 11-1 (KO, 8in). The starter, Dani Matías (1-1, 8IP, 6K´s) won the match with the offensive support of R. Noriega 1B (5Ab, 2run, 2hit, 2rbi). The match loss was awared to Eneko Del Burgo (1-1, 6.1IP, 3K’s).
In the Basque Country (Bilbao, 03/03/2012) the victories were divided between San Inazio Bilbao and Marlins de Puerto de La Cruz. The first match went to 3-6. The winner was the starter Leslie Nacar (1-1, 7.2IP, 8K’s) and saved Miguel Rizo (1SV, 1.1IP, 1K) supported at bat by Y. Franco 2B (5Ab, 3run, 2hit, 1rbi). Juan J. López (1-1, 5.2IP, 3K´s) lost the game. In the following match Alberto Magallón (1-1, 5IP, 5K´s) and Edward Adames (1SV, 4IP, 6K´s) combined in the mound to give the win to the Basques 8-5. To do so they had the offensive support of the extra base hits D. Morillo SS (3Ab, 1run, 2hit, 3rbi). The defeat was scored by Lowuin Sacramento (1-1, 7IP, 9K´s).
The Astros de Valencia won both matches as guests against El Llano (Gijón, 03 and 04/03/2012). On Saturday the Astros won 3-8 with Trevor Caughey (2-0, 7IP, 10K´s)´s arm and bats of L. Infante SS (5Ab, 2run, 3hit, 3rbi – HR) and B. Ochoa C (5Ab, 2run, 2hit, 1rbi – 2B(2)). Wilquin Escanio (0-2, 6IP, 2K`s) dealt with the defeat. The following day the Valencians won again, this time 1-7 in 7 innings, as the rain kept the match of being held fully. Pedro P. Belmonte (2-0, 7IP, 8K´s) launched the whole match and relied on the success at bat of P. Peraza DH (4Ab, 2run, 2hit, 1rbi – 2B). The losing pitcher was Javier J. Flores (1-1, 6IP, 4K´s).
In Pamplona (Burlada, 03 y 04/03/2012) Béisbol Navarra and CB Viladecans won each, 3-5 and 11-6, Saturday and Sunday respectively. The first match (03/03/2012) had as winning pitcher Juan C. Campos (1-1, 9IP, 10K’s), who found in Félix Cano Jr RF (5Ab, 1run, 2hit, 1rbi – 2B) a good offensive support. The loss game went to Harold Rumion (0-2, 6.1IP, 3K´s). On Sunday the triumph went to the other team and this time the Béisbol Navarra pitcherr, Andrés Casado (1-0, 7IP, 3K´s), scored the win stat. Héctor Perozo C (4Ab, 3hit, 5rbi) was the best at bat and the defeat went to Miguel Luengo (0-1, 5.1IP, 4K´s).
On the next weekend, 10 y 11/03/2012, The 3rd day of league will be played. The matches are the following: In Bembivre, Halcones de Vigo vs Sant Boi; in Burlada, Béisbol Navarra vs San Inazio Bilbao; in Puerto de la Cruz, Marlins de Puerto de la Cruz vs Astros de Valencia; in Gijón, El Llano vs Béisbol Navarra; and in Barcelona, CB Barcelona vs CB Viladecans.
Photo by Website San Inazio (Player: Eduardo Villacis – Pitcher of San Inazio Bilbao)