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Tuesday, February 09, 2010 |11:34 |Age: 4 yrs

Scoring Clinic in Zürich

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Last weekend, Swiss Baseball and Softball Federation coorganized with CEB a Scoring Clinic in Zürich. During two intense days, some of the most experienced top scorers from Swiss attended to this clinic, which is pretended to be a re-starting point in scoring in this country. They learned all about CEB Scoring system, including last updates in rules, symbols and criteria.
According to Mark Cole -Technical Director of SBSF- Swiss Federation wants to develope the number and skill of their scorers, as a part of general improves in Swiss baseball: near plans include to stablish a National Scorers Comitee, to explain the CEB scoring system among scorers at main baseball cities.
The clinic was conducted by Pablo Carpio, member of CEB Scorers Commission.