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Thursday, June 12, 2014

24 Teams participate in U10 International Tournament "SuperCup 2014" in Prague, Czech Republic

SuperCup 2014, an international tournament for kids U10, was successfully completed in Prague. The tournament hosted a history high 24 teams, including 8 from foreign countries (Russia, Spain, China, Lithuania, Slovakia, Hungary, Moldova). In the competition participated 370 players. The overall attendance, including technical staff, fans and parents reached 500 people daily.

The SuperCup consists of two parallel competitions, a Coach Pitch Baseball Tournament (88 games in three days) and skills contest Masters (basic baseball skills like running, hitting for distance, pitching for target and infield teamwork). The best team with combined results wins the SuperCup.

Coach Pitch Baseball tournament was won by the Prague team Eagles, Master by another Czech team Trebic Nuclears. The winner of the SuperCup is last year runner up  Tigers Balashiha from Russia. Despite the last place of the Chinese team their presence was very positive, the team´s goal was to experienced Coach Pitch and to get ready for the next year.

For detailed standings,results, individual stats and media outputs kindly go to and its Facebook.

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