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Confederation of European Baseball

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

50 years anniversary celebration of Czech baseball and softball

Czech Baseball Association and Czech Softball Association celebrated 50 years of official history. Celebration was held in historical hall of Staropramen brewery in Prague, on November 30, with the attendance of about 150 visitors.
Celebration was focused on beginnings of our sports, therefore mainly founders and people involved in development were invited. Couple witnesses of old times narrated their stories on beginnings and development of our sports in the first part of celebration. Second part was devoted to organizations and their representatives - Czech Olympic Committee, Czech Sports Association, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport of Charles University in Prague and Czech Television. Members of Baseball Hall of Fame (founded 2012) were introduced and Softball Hall of Fame was founded. Archival recordings from Czech Television were showed during both parts so everybody had possibility to see how baseball and softball have grown.
Official parts were followed by unofficial discussions and meetings with former team mates, friends and colleagues. Federations made also exhibition of archival materials and relics so visitors could have remembered over club chronicals with old photos, uniforms or bats dated to first half of 20th century. CBA and CSA took also the advantace and collected archival documents, photos, chronicals, equipment and relics. These materials will be added to central archive and given to the museum and will be used for publication that is prepared to be issued in 2014.
Photos: CBA, CSA

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