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Confederation of European Baseball

Thursday, October 01, 2015

5th International tournament Cup of Brest -2015 took place in Brest, Belarus

V International baseball tournament for the prize of the Mayor of the city of Brest was held on 24-27 September 2015. The tournament was attended by 10 teams from Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Transnistria. More than 120 young baseball players (born in 2003 and younger) competed for the Crystal Cup, established Brest City Executive Committee.

At the opening ceremony of the tournament athletes and coaches welcomed the guests of honor: the head of the sports of the Brest City Executive Committee Anatoly Noskov, deputy head of the sports of the Brest regional executive committee Evgeny Proliskо, U.S. Chargé d’Affaires to Belarus Scott Rauland, vice-consul of the Consulate of Ukraine in Brest Roman Tershovchin, Honorary Consul France Brest Leonid Staetsky, chairman of the Belarusian Baseball Association Nadzeya Uhlianitsa.

A real gift for all participants was the participation in the opening ceremony of the tournament The Champion of the Olympic Games in Athens 2004 (in the women’s 100 meters) Yulia Nesterenko. She welcomed all the wishes of success in the sport and new victories. The gift from the Brest City Executive Committee, all participants of the competition received a big colorful book “Brestchina Olympic” about the winners and prize-winners of the Olympic Games, live in the city of Brest and Brest region. All those wishing to Yulia Nesterenko, Olympic champion and honorary guests of the tournament gave autographs. The sponsor of the tournament, “Brest Ice Cream” gave all the children sweets – ice cream. Dignitaries and young baseball players took a photo of a long memory.

Four days on two Ballpark players competed for the title of best team. On 25 baseball games. In the final, in a bitter struggle won 8-6 baseball team “Moskvich” (Moscow, Russia). 2nd place tournament hosts “Brest Zubrs” (Brest, Belarus). 3rd place won the “North Stars” (Moscow, Russia).

At the close of the tournament all the teams were awarded with cups, medals, diplomas, sweet gifts. The top 10 players on the team also received a “Cup of the best players” and diplomas.

  • “The best pitcher of the tournament” – Alexander Fedaruk (“Brest Zubrs”)
  • “Best defender” – Artem Mamonov (“Northern Star”)
  • “The best striker” – Roman Kochetov (“Moskvich”)
  • “MVP” – Jacov Yashihin (“Moskvich”)
  Final Standings:

1. “Moskvich” Moscow, Russia
2. “Brest Zubrs” Brest, Belarus
3. “Northern Star” SSHOR-42 Moscow, Russia
4. “SSHOR-42″ Moscow,Russia
5. “Shark SSHOR №56» Moscow, Russia
6. “Spartak” Moscow, Russia
7. “Darnitskiy tigers” Kyiv, Ukraine
8. “Vilnius-Radviliškis” Vilnius, Lithuania
9. “SDYUSSHOR- 1″ Tiraspol, Transnistria
10. “Brest Zubrs -2″ Brest, Belarus

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