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Friday, May 13, 2016

Brest Zubrs/ Belarus International baseball tournament among cadets "Brest Spring-2016"

Press Release Brest Zubrs

6-9 May in Brest hosted the International baseball tournament among cadets "Brest Spring-2016" devoted to 71-anniversary of the Great Victory. Four days of hard competition around 150 young baseball players competed for the main trophy of the tournament - a crystal cup, established by the Brest City Executive Committee. In complex celebrated the final match victory team "Moscow Cardinals" beat "SSHOR-42" (Moscow) 6-4. Bronze awards went to baseball players of BC "Tigers" (Balashikha). The step from the pedestal concluded by the Lithuanian National Team U-15. The hard match for 5th place victory celebrated masters tournament "Brest bisons", beating BC "Moskvich" 5-4. Final standings:

1. " Moscow Cardinals " (Moscow, Russia)
2. "Wolves - SSHOR-42" (Moscow, Russia)
3. The "Tigers" SDYUSSHOR "Balashikha" (Balashikha, Russia)
4. Lithuanian national team U-15 team
5. "Brest Zubrs" (Brest, Belarus)
6. "Moskvich" (Moscow, Russia)
7. "Shark" Sports School-56 (Moscow, Russia)
8. "North Star" (Moscow, Russia)
9. "Vilnius" (Vilnius, Lithuania)

The awarding ceremony was attended by US Charge d'Affaires in Belarus Scott Rauland and chairman of the club "Brest Zubrs", deputy Head of Sports and Tourism of the Brest Regional Executive Committee Prolisky Evgenii. Winners awarded with cups, medals and diplomas. All participating teams of the tournament also awarded with cups and diplomas. "The best players command" received prizes - sport backpacks - from the US Embassy in Belarus. "Most Valuable Player Team" awarded with cups and diplomas. The best players of the tournament in the categories established by the Brest City Executive Committee, declared:

"The best pitcher" - Pehotkin Andrei ( "Moscow cardinals"),
"The best striker" - Zolotarev Egor ( "Wolves - SSHOR-42"),
"Best Defender" - Kirill Leontiev ( "Tigers", Balashikha)
MVP - Peter Gorski ( "Moscow Cardinals').

Best players were awarded with crystal goblets from the Brest City Executive Committee.

Each competitor received a photo from the NOC Belarus Representative Office in Brest region on a long and fond memories of the tournament
May 9 in the closing ceremony of the international tournament "Brest Spring 2016" US Charge d'Affaires in Belarus Scott Roland handed to the director, the head coach of "Brest Zubrs" Thank-you letter from the US Embassy for high long-term contribution to the development and promotion of baseball in the Republic of Belarus and the significant sporting achievements BK "Brest Zubrs".

Deputy Head of Sports and Tourism of the Brest Regional Executive Committee Prolisky Evgenii handed Lukashevich Igor Diploma of Sport and Tourism of Brest regional executive committee for the high professionalism in work and personal contribution to the development of physical culture and sports.

Also surprising was the greeting and bright young baseball players and parent community "Brest Zubrs", had prepared his favorite coach poems, gifts and a big bunch of roses. Especially touching was the polyphonic "Happy Birthday!" of all teams, participants and guests of the tournament, which is three times soars skyward above the baseball stadium in Brest as a sign of gratitude and appreciation very humble, but so much has been done to promote baseball in Belarus man - Igor Lukashevich. And there is no greater reward for a man - the warm and cordial words for the work and love of the beautiful sport - Baseball !!!!!!

The Club thanks the Brest Regional Executive Committee, Brest City Executive Committee, the US Embassy in Belarus, Delegation of the Republic of Belarus NOC in Brest region, charitable fund "New Generation", the sponsor of the tournament for their participation and assistance in organizing and conducting competitions. Thanks to everyone who participated in the preparation and organization of large sporting event - holiday BASEBALL !!!

Great baseball celebration took place in Brest! We thank you for your joy, presented to players, coaches, parents. fans and all fans BASEBALL !!!! We do not say goodbye, and say - "Until we meet again!" 29.09.-02.10.2016g. at the next international tournament for U-12 juveniles on appeal by the Chairman of the Brest City Executive Committee "Brest Cup - 2016". We are waiting for Belarus in the charming city of Brest!

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