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Confederation of European Baseball

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

CEB awards 2018 national team competitions

PRESS RELEASE – October 4th, 2017

CEB awards 2018 national team competitions

2018 highlighted by the start of the Super 6 Baseball Softball, an event gathering the six best baseball and six best softball teams of Europe.

The Confederation of European Baseball Executive Committee met in Zagreb, Croatia, on September 30th and October 1st and has awarded the 2018 national team competitions as follows:

-          U12 European Baseball Championship: Budapest, Hungary – July 2nd to 8th

-          U15 European Baseball Championship Qualifiers: Sisak, Croatia – July 16th to 22nd (+ Sweden if necessary as second site)

-          U18 European Baseball Championship: Grosseto, Italy – July 9th to 15th

-          U23 European Baseball Championship Qualifiers: Sweden (city TBD) – August 6th to 12th (application still open for a second site)

-          European Baseball Championship Qualifier C-Pool: Dublin, Ireland – July 23rd to 29th (application still open for a second site)

-          Play-off Series for the 2019 European Baseball Championship: Vienna, Austria – date TBD

-          Super 6 Baseball Softball: Hoofddorp, The Netherlands – September 19th to 23rd


Super 6 Baseball Softball will gather the best six teams from the 2016 European Baseball Championship: The Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic and Belgium along with the best six teams of the 2017 European Women’s Softball Championship: The Netherlands, Italy, Great-Britain, Czech Republic, Russia and Greece.

Play-off Series for the 2019 European Baseball Championship will be a three-game series between 2017 B-Pool Qualifiers Winners Lithuania and Austria. The winner will qualify for the 2019 EBC, the looser will get another chance to qualify in the 2019 B-Pool Qualifiers.

Club competitions are yet to be awarded. Deadline of application is November 1st.

CEB PR - 2017 10 02 - CEB awards 2018 national team competitions.pdf (pdf file)
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