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Confederation of European Baseball

Monday, May 12, 2014

Czech Baseball in media every week

Czech Baseball Association launched a new activity for all Czech baseball fans. In association with Krillie they started a regular weekly video magazine for Czech Extraleague called STRIKEZONE. First issue was dedicated only to the series at Tempo between home team Titans and Kotlářka Praha. The second issue was recorded also only in Prague, again at Tempo during the Titans vs. Eagles derby series and at Kotlářka from the serie between Kotlářka and Arrows Ostrava. Other issues should be also from other cities. The video magazine is in Czech.

Link to first issue -
Link to second issue -

Besides video magazine CBA newly cooperates closer also with daily newspaper Sport. This sports newspaper made agreement about cooperation with Czech Sport Union which is an umbrella for Czech federations. Main purpose of this project is to promore minority sports. These sports now have its own spot on homepage:, webpage devoted only to baseball can be found here: and also here: Each federation has also chance to send an article for Thursday's printed issue.
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