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Confederation of European Baseball

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Euro 2019 - Day 4 Summary

As the quarter finals are about to take form, great matchups on all three venues took place on day 4 of this 35th European Baseball Championship!

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France vs. Belgium – 12:2

Both teams of this morning matchup were on the hunt for a good spot in the quarter finals, starting on Friday. France and Belgium both wanted this win to climb up the standings and secure a possible third place. Belgium, who competed in the top six at their last stint at the European Baseball championship sent Artuur Driessens to the mound. The French tagged him with one run in the first inning and a 2-run home run in the fourth by Zan Mael. One inning later, Driessens was just about to get out of a jam, when Jose Paula drove in two more runs with a double.

Belgium was eventually trailing 6:0 after five innings, when their very own Sam Börmans drove the ball over the right field fence for their first run. In the bottom of the inning, the French added one more run in the sixth but eventually came up really big in the eighth inning. They delivered a combined cycle after Daniel Patrice singled, Felix Brown tripled, Maxime Lefevre doubled and finally Andy Paz homered to finish the rare art piece. If that wasn’t already enough, Bastien Dagneau also left the yard to make it 12:1. Although Belgium could add one more run in the bottom of the inning, the game ended through mercy rule after eight with a final score of 12:2.

Great Britain vs. Israel – 4:7

Last night Israel needed to go into extra innings but eventually stunned the host Germany in front of their home crowd for the third straight win of this tournament. Team GB wanted to make sure they secure their spot in the quarter finals, but needed a win to do so. The British started it off right from the beginning with a 3-run home run by Ben Andrews. It didn’t take Team Israel a long time to get back into the game. With the bases loaded, Jake Rosenberg hit into a double play, but with this, the first run scored. Another one scored after a single by Tal Erel.

Israel and Great Britain couldn’t quite keep up the pace. It was Team Israel again to score the next run, when Daniel Valencia drove home Tal Erel for the tie in fifth. Team GB couldn’t adapt to the new pitcher on the mound for Israel, Joey Wagman, who once again did an outstanding job. Benjamin Wanger followed him and just as Wagman, he delivered a solid and scoreless two-inning outing.

While the Israeli bullpen shut down the opposing batters, the British relievers couldn’t stop their opponents in the batter’s box. Blake Gaillen added two more home runs to his resume, after taking big hacks in the seventh and in the ninth inning. Zach Weiss now came in for the save and Israel eventually could walk away with a 7:4-win.

Croatia vs. Austria – 12:2

Before this game started off, the Austrians were out of the race for the quarter finals and Croatia needed two more wins to keep their hopes alive. Either way, one thing was for sure: One of the two teams would be able to celebrate their first victory in the tournament. Austria showed more willingness from the very beginning, as they started their mission with a 3-run home run by Sammy Hackl. From there on, Team Austria never had to look back, thanks to a stellar pitching performance by Alex Seidl.

Croatia’s Ronald Krsolovic had his big moment in the second inning, when he tripled to center field. He later scored after a ground out for Croatia’s first run. After that, his team never really found into the game, as they weren’t able to put much pressure on the Austrian defense. After three innings without a run, Austria started a run fire work in the sixth inning, but only landing two hits. While Ben Salzmann singled through the right side for the first two runs, Dominik Talir was able to land the first Austrian Grand Slam for four more runs. Eventually Team Austria scored a total of eight runs in the seventh inning and could later win it by a score of 12:1 for their first ever win at the European Championship A-pool level.

Spain vs. Italy – 3:13

The big matchup of the day in group B featured two of the big contenders for the championship win. Both were 3-0, coming into day 4 of this tournament. Team Italy had a perfect start into this duel for the first place. Chris Colabello showed what he was capable of, as he hit a 3-run home run to kick things off. With Luis Lugo, the Azzuri tapped one of their aces to make sure they add another win. He did an awesome job, keeping the Spanish batters scoreless through the first five innings.

In the sixth inning, the Spanish could finally put some pressure on the Italian defense. Lugo nearly got out of the jam, but an error kept the inning alive and would allow Jesus Ustariz and Jhonny Bethencourt to score after a Lesther Galvin double which made it 2:3-ballgame. Also Team Italy had to patient over three innings, when they finally came through again in the seventh: First, Colabello collected another RBI, shortly after Giuseppe Mazzanti’s dinger left the yard for the 7:3 lead.

Although Spain could add another run in the bottom of the inning, they completely lost the focus in the last inning, when Italy scored another six runs on six hits, including a 3-run shot by Alberto Mineo. With this, Italy, just as Israel, is now 4:0 and will go into the quarter final as the first placed team of group B.


Czech Republic vs. Sweden – 12:2

The Czech Republic needed to deliver in today’s game. Even though the Czech beat the Dutch on Sunday, they still weren’t qualified for the quarter finals, as they lost to Israel and Great Britain. The Swedish already knew for sure, that they will need to play in the relegation, starting on Thursday, as they started off their week with 0:3.  

The Czech could set the tone from the first inning on. An error and five hits were converted into the first five runs of the game. The Swedes faced Pitcher Jan Tomek, but couldn’t quite connect in order to produce runs. In the fourth they finally came through when Joel Johnson started off the inning with a triple. Nicolas Filice scored his team mate a minute later to make it 5:1. The Czech struck right back and extended the lead back to five runs. Two innings later they landed hit after hit to score two more runs, but a double play prevented the Swedes from a big inning.

At the same time, the Scandinavian hitters couldn’t keep the tension high and weren’t able to rally back. Both teams added more runs for a final score of 10:3. The gave the Czech Republic their second win of the event and the chance for a spot in Europe’s top 8.

Netherlands vs. Germany – 8:1

The night game on day 4 at Bonn Reihenaue featured the game between the host Germany and the current European Championship, the Netherlands. Both teams were already qualified for the quarter finals, but the ranking in Group A was still open. It didn’t take long until the first Dutch runner crossed home plate for the first run. The Germans also showed that they can use their bats and Marco Cordoso, who already proved his skills at this European Championship, doubled to center field and scored team mate Erik Brendt to tie the game.

From here on, it was only one guy setting the tone: Ademar Rifaela struck first with a home run the third to score two more for the Dutch, but he made sure it won’t be his last. Only two innings later, Rifaela took another big cut and drove the ball over the left field wall for another two. And if that wasn’t enough, the former minor leaguer even delivered a third dinger, this time for three runs.  The Curacao born player went 3 for 4 on the day with a total of seven RBIs and three home runs. In only one game, he tied Blake Gaillen from Team Israel and the French Bastien Dagneau, who lead the tournament with three home runs each.

Eventually, the Netherlands won the game 9:1 and could secure their second win of the day. The team will have two more decisions waiting for them. First, they will play Israel for the win in group A. Right after that game, the Dutch need to finish up the game against the British, that was suspended in the ninth inning on day one of this tournament, due to darkness.

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