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Confederation of European Baseball

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Information on C.E.B. Anti-Doping

Letter to all Member Federations

A new CEB website has been launched. On that new website, anti-doping related information can be found (here). Please contact us if you have any questions or ideas concerning the contents on that anti-doping information.

Here are some important points we would like to share with you:

CEB Anti-Doping Program

The CEB Executive adopted the CEB Anti-Doping Program late in 2013. It can be found on the new website.

Anti-Doping Rules

Make sure to visit the new website to learn about the anti-doping rules that relate to baseball in Europe.

Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE)

Players who need to take medication containing a substance included in the Prohibited List, may apply for a TUE. See the website or contact your NADO for more information.

Test statistics

Number of tests on European baseball can be found on the website. This information was provided by WADA for 2012, but now we ask all CEB member federations to provide us with information on the number of tested baseball players in your countries for 2013 and 2014 respectively. Please send this information to strom[at] and specify if these tests were made in-competition or out-of-competition.

Baseball included in each NADOs Test Distribution Plan

The CEB Test Distribution Plan is limited to in-competition-testing at CEB events. National Baseball Federations are encouraged to have an active dialogue with their respective National AntiDoping Organizations (NADO), to ensure that baseball is included in their testing programs, in- and out-of-competition. According to the statistics you can see on the website, this seems unfortunately not to be the case today, as baseball was only tested in only 12 CEB countries during 2012.

Good relations with your NADO is particularly important going into next year, when a new technical document will be introduced by WADA. According to said document, NADOs will be required to analyze samples according to specific menus depending on the risk in a particular sport. We are concerned that NADOs can be tempted to cut baseball from their Test Distribution Plans because it will be too expensive with all the possible new special analyses required for our sport.

For this purpose, a link with contact information to all your NADOs can be found below. Please contact your NADO and let them know that you are seriously committed to keeping baseball clean in your country and in Europe, and that it is important baseball will remain in their Test Distribution Plans.

In closing, we would like to thank you for your active support in keeping baseball in your country and in Europe clean.

Peter Ström
CEB Anti-Doping Delegate

Photo by Walter Keller


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