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Friday, March 28, 2014

Invitation to IYB summer tournament 2014 (IYBST)

Each year, we were able to meet the expectations of not only national´s baseball teams, but also youth club teams from several countries. Tournament has a one uniqueness. Each year we also invite individual players from all over the world who come alone or in groups. They then make up with other players next two teams, under the guidance of American coaches. We had here players from the USA, South Africa, Sweden, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and of course from the Czech Republic.
This tournament is a chance for clubs and national teams, which can be used not only for summer international experience, but also to establish new contacts and friendships and last but not least, interesting knowledge of the country and her rich culture. Simply said, good use of summer time!
However, there is also a challenge for individual players and coaches who can not build a whole team, but want to spend a few summer days with baseball - a game they love.
Each year, we build two international teams: IYB Blazers and Angels. Players arrive, have one or more days for training and then can start tournament. If players arrive with their coach, then he also engaged to work with players in some team.
It's fascinating how young players can create a team (very good team) without ever playing together. Baseball is a beautiful game.
Come to IYBST 2014, and you can experience the great atmosphere and matches with high levels! Age category is wide and may give the opportunity to many teams.
Age 15 to 18 (information to exemptions).
Five-time winner of the tournament, the team PD North Carolina / USA /, awaits this year's challengers.
Tournament dates: from 23rd to 27th July 2014
Location: baseball area Olympia Blansko /near Brno/ Czech Republic - Europe
Login to the tournament: teams - to 5th May 2014
individual players - to 25th May 2014
Information and registration:
Will you send your team to European Championship U21 or European Championship Qualifier U15? Will use IYBST 2014 as a comprehensive summer training and save costs! Take also your players aged 16 to 18. Ninety minutes away from one or second European Championships, will IYBST 2014. Be effective!
IYB Farm - the tournament organizer - is a European development project that seeks intensive and systematic work with young players and the possibility of support for their next baseball career.
We look forward to you.
Libor Chrastansky
IYB Farm manager

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