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Confederation of European Baseball

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Pablo Carpio held Scoring Clinic in Prague

The Czech Baseball Association, together with the CEB Scorer Commission, organized a scoring clinic, which was specifically addressed to the top national scorers. The objective of the clinic was improving and unifying the scoring system according to CEB/IBAF standards and the Software used in both organizations.

A new National Scoring Committee has been recently created in CBA to organize and perform all work regarding scoring in National and International Competitions in Czech Republic. Therefore this clinic also helped in this direction.
This year, CBA will organize the Under 21 European Championship in Trebic, and will organize the European Senior Championship (with Regensburg, GER) the top event of the year.
Ten top scorers attended the clinic, led by Pablo Carpio of the CEB Scorer Commission. The scoring system was fully revised. Additionally also questions and the management of stats as well as the software for Data Entry was explained and practiced.

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