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Confederation of European Baseball

Monday, April 26, 2021

Postponement of the Federations Cup and Federations Cup Qualifiers

Press Release - Confederation of European Baseball - April 23rd, 2021

The Executive Committee of the Confederation of European Baseball has decided to postpone the Federations Cup and Federations Cup Qualifiers due to Covid-19.

The competitions are rescheduled as follow:

  • The Federations Cup will be played in Belgium from August 16/17 to August 21/22
  • The Federations Cup Qualifiers will be played in Slovakia, Ukraine and Bulgaria, from August 2/3 to August 7/8

Following the withdrawal of one team from the Qualifier in Bulgaria, the Sofia Blues have been moved from the Ukraine Qualifier to the Slovakia Qualifier. 

CEB will continue to monitor the situation together with LOCs and participating teams. 

CEB is working on the Covid-19 protocols for each competition together with the LOCs. 

For any information please send an email to

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