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Monday, November 03, 2014

The Buffaloes are back: Blagoevgrad wins 19th pennant in Bulgaria

After an unprecedented two-year drought in their glorious history the Blagoevgrad Buffaloes are back as the top team in baseball in Bulgaria. The team managed by playing coach Yassen Nedelchev beat the Sofia Blues 3-2 in the best-of-five final series of the 2014 National Championship and won the pennant for 19th time in a 22-year span of the club existence.

The Buffaloes were 0-2 down after the first two games of the finals, but with three straight victories finished off a remarkable rally past the Blues and thus dethroned the reigning champions. The climactic Game 5 turned out to be a one-sided affair after Blagoevgrad's lefty Martin Andonov (W 1-2) tossed a complete game for a 14-5 rout. His opponent Nikolay Angelov (L 0-2) was pulled off early with 5 ER in 3 innings.

Since the ball club was founded in 1993, Blagoevgrad Buffaloes haven't won the title in Bulgaria only in 2004, 2012 and 2013 and haven't reached the league finals just in the past two years. And the only team ever managed to beat the „bisons“ in a best-of-five series still are the Dupnitza Devils, completing the break-through back in 2004. The Devils again in 2012 and the Blues in 2013 are the only other champions since the beginning of the Blagoevgrad-Era. And the Sofia Academics are guaranteed a place of their own in the Club of the Immortals, having won the first three editions of the Bulgarian National Championships from 1990-1992.

It was Sofia Blues who won the other two major tournaments in Bulgaria in 2014 – the Sofia Cup and the Bulgaria Cup – making the double-winning season the best for the 24-year-old club.


September 27th, Game 1

Blagoevgrad Buffaloes - Sofia Blues 1-6

October 4th, Game 2

Sofia Blues - Blagoevgrad Buffaloes 11-8

October 5th, Game 3

Sofia Blues - Blagoevgrad Buffaloes 1-4

October 11th, Game 4

Blagoevgrad Buffaloes - Sofia Blues 14-2 (7)

October 12th, Game 5

Sofia Blues - Blagoevgrad Buffaloes 5-14


September 21st, Final

Sofia Athletic - Sofia Blues 6-12


November 2nd, Final

Dupnitza Devils - Sofia Blues 9-13

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