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Confederation of European Baseball

Thursday, October 08, 2020

WBSC Europe Congress postponed to November 2021

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and unstable numbers of cases throughout Europe and the World had already caused the cacelation and postponements of varouis international competitions. Now the WBSC Europe Executive Board decided to also postpone the 2021 Congress to November 2021.

WBSC Europe held a special online meeting to decide on the 2021 Congress, scheduled for February 2021 in Rome, Italy. This Congress would also include the Softball and Baseball Europe Divisional Congresses and will be an Elective Congress.

The decision of postponing the Congress was taken under the authority under Article 13.6 of the WBSC Europe Statutes and in conformity with the WBSC Europe Code of Divisions.

Several reasons were brought up for such a decision: the unstable situation of the pandemic throughout Europe, unclawith a possible second wave and more restrictions in the different countries.
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