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Confederation of European Baseball

Saturday, September 22, 2018

WBSC Europe - Super 6 - Day 5 Recap

Germany vs Czech Republic - baseball

Beating Czech, Germany finish Super 6 with a 1-4 record - PC: Glenn Gervot

This morning, two baseball games were played at the same time. Germany got to face the Czech Republic on the main field. Sven Schüller earned the trust of Manager Martin Melmig and got the start. He pitched a decent four innings, did not give up a single hit and didn’t allow a hit. Meanwhile, his offense gave him some support, scoring three runs in the second to take the lead. In the 4th, Vincent Ahrens added a solo-shot to make it 4-0.

Enorbel Marquez followed Schüller in the middle of the game, but he could not follow up on his predecessor, allowing two runs in the 6th and even letting the Czech tie the game in 8th. This time, the Germans stayed on top of their game when Simon Gühring went up to bat and drilled a home run over right center field. Niklas Rimmel sealed the deal and saved Germanys first win of the Super 6 tournament.

Italy vs Spain - baseball

Italy didn't forget their bats at home, started another slugfest & advanced to final. - PC: Glenn Gervot

On field two, Spain and Italy faced each other. The winner of this game could earn a big advantage on their quest to the final of this Super 6 tournament. The Spanish took an early lead after a lead-off triple and a single, but a double play destroyed their chances for more. Blake Ochoa added another dinger to his collection to make it 2-0.

Italy did not give up, challenging starter Luis Castillo and came through in the 2nd with four runs, Robel Garcia and Andrew Maggi homered, and Chris Colabello scored another run. Two innings later, Team Italia once again showed, that they really wanted to participate in this Super 6 final and again provided some power. Maggi hit his second dinger, Alex Liddi doubled to right center field and Mazzanti drove the ball out of the ballpark for the 8-2 lead.

Although the Spanish tried to fight back, adding three more runs over the course of the game, their effort was not rewarded, losing 8-5 against Italy. With this, Spain needed to win against the Dutch.

Spain vs the Netherlands - baseball
With Italy beating Spain this morning, the Spanish only had one more chance to reach the final: Beat the Netherlands! The game between the two finalists of 2016’s finalists of the European championship had started their game already on Friday night, but due to the wheater conditions, the game was resumed at 3 PM this Saturday.

The Dutch had already pulled away 3-0 last night before the game could be resumed. Although wind and whether weren’t much friendlier either, the both teams kept hitting the ball and resumed playing. The Dutch were leading 4-1 after three when Lether Galvan cracked the first homerun for Spain and Luis Guillorme followed, making it a 5-4 ball game.

In the 6th, the Dutch took back the lead, but this didn’t last for long, as Spain jumped right back at it: 7-6. As this wasn’t exciting enough, the home team added a 6-run inning, running the score up to a 7-12 lead for the Dutch.

Now the Spanish not only had to fight against the rain, they also needed to score at least 6 run overcome the Dutch once again. The fight was soon lost as they managed to score three runs in the eighth as another rain shower ended all hope to keep playing on this Saturday at the Super 6 Tournament. The official score stayed 12-10 for the Dutch after 8 innings.

Super 6 baseball final - The Netherlands vs Italy
The final game will therefore be played between Italy and the Netherlands, starting at 1.30 PM on Sunday.

Final standing 

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